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Spiritual connection through eye contact

The power of eye contact and connecting with others needs to be reestablished. A recent example of this power caught the eyes of Cultivated Zen in May 2023, in a Charlie Veitch You Tube video.

“We are the eyes of the cosmos. When you look deeply into somebody’s eyes, you’re looking deep into yourself, and the other person is looking deeply into the same self.” (Alan Watts)

Deep connection between humans is becoming rare. Families stare at different screens in the same rooms, losing the opportunity to establish roots and a network of caring and love.

Eye contact is a powerful tool that can convey a range of emotions, from love to hate, from joy to sadness. Establishing spiritual connection through eye contact is a natural way of being for humans.

Spiritual connection through the eyes

The famous You Tuber Charlie Veitch, who is known for documenting modern life in the UK, recently posted a video of himself having a heated debate with a couple of other men in the centre of Manchester, UK. The men took um-bridge with his brazen filming of a lady who appeared to have collapsed in the city centre.

The debate involves these two men standing very close to Charlie Veitch in an attempt to block his camera. A further exchange follows in the video and it all gets a bit personal.

Public displays of anger and disagreement are all over the internet, and they seem to demonstrate only the base animal emotions of a stressed out population. Charlie Veitch resorts to calling these men lots of names, and it all feels a bit tense (if not a bit amusing).

Charlie Veitch is a popular character, and his videos tend to divide people. We’re not in anyway saying that he is at fault or passing judgement on what he does.

Charlie Vietch You Tube video

At one point however, Charlie seeks to ‘let the awkwardness build a little bit’ as the man stands very close to him. He suggests that the two men just stare into each other’s eyes for thirty seconds. After only ten seconds, Charlie says;

‘I have feelings that perhaps you’re not a bad guy, but you’re maybe caught in a difficult situation and you thought I had malicious intent. You came to defend the dignity of someone you thought was in a vulnerable situation…..despite my many provocative statements, you have maintained a calm demeanor. If you’re OK, I’m going to stop filming. To end it on a peaceful note, I have no problems with you and we can leave it at that. I’d like to shake your hand.’ (Charlie Veitch, May 2023)

This is a beautiful moment of two rationale and civilized men engaged in disagreement around an emotionally charged situation. Despite clearly being annoyed with one another, they end with a deeply moving goodbye, and wish each other well.

Two strangers who associate one another with nothing but disagreement, manage to draw on the power of looking into one another’s eyes to access their higher selves, and show the world how we can behave to make things better.

The eyes are the windows to the soul

The eyes are one of the most expressive parts of the human body. and can convey a wide range of emotions, from love and happiness to anger and sadness. They can also be used to communicate without words, as the intensity of a stare can say much more than language.

The eyes are also a powerful tool for understanding others. When we look into someone’s eyes, we can see their emotions and intentions. If someone is looking at us with a wide-open gaze, they may be feeling friendly and open. If they are squinting or averting their gaze, they may be feeling uncomfortable or even hostile.

Eyes are a powerful and mysterious part of the human body. They can be used to communicate, to understand others, and to connect with our souls.

The science behind eye contact

Eye contact can have a significant impact on our brains and bodies. For example, eye contact can increase feelings of trust, empathy, and rapport. It can also reduce stress and anxiety.

Psychology Today reported in 2014, that being able to keep your eyes on a ball in sport for example, is connected to the power in your cerebellum, a part of the brain. Their study of evidence conclude that our sedentary ways are affecting our ability to keep our brains sharp.

Making an effort to socialize in person and look people in the eye flexes your cerebellar system, and maintaining face-to-face human connections is ultimately the key to our happiness, well-being, and longevity.

Another study also showed that when we make eye contact with strangers, we perceive those people as similar to ourselves. If we can see others as similar to us, then we are more likely to understand who they are, and what their intentions are. This empathy quickly arrived in the situation with Charlie Vietch.

“We discover ourselves through others” (Jung)

The eyes are one of the most expressive parts of the human body. They not only serve the purpose of seeing but also play a crucial role in nonverbal communication.

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The spiritual connection

There are many theories about the eyes and how they link to our souls, and in certain cultures, the eyes are seen as a portal to the soul.

In ancient Egypt, for example, the eyes were believed to be where the soul was housed. When someone died, their eyes were often removed and placed in a special container so that they could continue to see in the afterlife.

Some ancient cultures believed that the eyes were a reflection of our inner selves. According to this theory, the eyes reveal our true nature and character.

In Hinduism, the third eye is believed to be a symbol of higher consciousness and spiritual enlightenment. In Christianity, the “eye of God” is often depicted as a symbol of divine omniscience.

The Zen word on the eyes of others

The eyes are a powerful tool for communication, connection, and understanding. They are often seen as a window to the soul, providing us with insight into another person’s emotions, intentions, and personality.

Scientific research has shown that eye contact can have a significant impact on our brains and bodies, increasing feelings of trust, empathy, and rapport, while reducing stress and anxiety.

The next time you make eye contact with someone, remember that you are not just seeing them but also connecting with their soul. This could be the secret to establishing a meaningful connection to them, and potentially help us to follow a path of kindness, empathy, and understanding, in the face of conflict and anger.

Thank you Charlie Veitch, for giving us an example of the power of connection between others, in a world where it is most desperately needed.


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