Cannabis is legal in the UK

Many don’t know but cannabis is legal in the UK and has as been since 2018.

You can get legal THC cannabis in the UK

Since 2018, it has been legal in the UK to get a prescription for medical cannabis, from the NHS and private clinics.

Thousands of people access high quality cannabis bud in the UK, but not many people know this. It’s much more straightforward than you would imagine.

Isn’t medical cannabis just for really serious illnesses?

Yes and no.

Cannabis is legal, and cannabis oil is used on arm in the  UK

It’s true that NHS prescriptions are rare, hard to get hold of, and probably not worth your time to even try. The change in law in the UK was brought about due to the clear benefits of cannabis to sufferers of epilepsy.

You probably don’t think you can get a prescription for other conditions like back pain or anxiety? Wrong!

Thousands of people in the UK manage to get legal bud from private clinics, for a range of conditions.

Certain clinics will only prescribe for certain illnesses, but others will cover psychological conditions such as anxiety and depression.

How do you get a cannabis prescription?

To get a legal cannabis prescription in the UK, you need to do the following:

  1. Have a qualifying condition
  2. Prove that you have tried two separate treatments for this condition
  3. Contact a clinic you like and arrange a meeting
  4. Pay for an initial consultation with the doctor, and provide proof of your diagnosed condition and that you have tried previous treatment.
  5. Await approval from the clinic.
  6. Receive contact from the separate pharmacy, and then pay for your prescription.
  7. Await delivery to your door.
  8. Get blazed

If cannabis is legal in the UK, do you need qualify first?

There is now a wide range of conditions covered by private clinics, and you’ll need to look around. Some clinics specialise in only some conditions, whereas others will cover most that are relevant.

Which Clinic?

There’s a growing rise in clinics in the UK. Some of the main ones are Zerenia, Medical Cannabis Clinics, and Sapphire, but we advise doing your research.

Meeting with the clinic and proving your eligibility

Usually you’ll speak to a Patient Co-Ordinator for free at first, to see if you might be eligible.

Then you need to pay upfront for a session with a doctor.

What kind of medical cannabis can I get in the UK?

It’s not like walking into a coffee shop and just asking for what you want.

The doctor will ask you what kind of weed you currently use and what works with helping your conditions. This is your chance to tell the doctor what strains of cannabis help your condition.

Pot of UK medical cannabis

At the same time, the doctor has to be careful and make sure the bud they prescribe is right for you.

There wont be a big menu, but it’s likely that stronger strains which are sativa dominant, are more likely to be prescribed for physical conditions or pain.

Indica strains might be more for those with anxiety. There are also many strains that are high in CBD, which means you wont get the hard hitting high. I have a high THC (18-22%) Indica strain (Hindu Kush) for my anxiety, and it works a treat.

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