Guiding your path: Using meditation to make life decisions

The Bermuda Triangle of Decision Making

Decision making can be like sailing through a storm, but have you tried using meditation to make life decisions?

If we fail to make our own decisions , then life will just happen, and other people will make the key decisions for us. So often, the fear of failure, or taking risks outside of the standard plan that is given to us at school or by our parents creates inaction.

We get stuck in a storm of decision making with no compass to direct us to where we truly want to be.

Thinking on Decision Making

Daniel Kahneman is the author of the book “Thinking, Fast and Slow,” in which he discusses two systems of thought:

1. Fast Thinking: Operating automatically and quickly, with little or no effort and no sense of voluntary control. It’s responsible for instant reactions and gut feelings. While it can be useful in making quick decisions, it’s also more prone to biases and errors.

2. Slow Thinking: Allocates attention to the effortful mental activities, including complex computations and conscious decision-making. It’s more logical and rational but requires more effort and is slower.

Meditating in the sunset

Kahneman’s work emphasizes the importance of being aware of cognitive biases and engaging critical thinking, especially in important or complex decision.

But it’s important to remember that you also probably have the answers to many problems within your sub conscious. The everyday chatter of life can cloud our thinking, but the trusty lifeboat of meditation can help to navigate this storm.

There are different types, like mindfulness, where you focus on the present moment; transcendental, where you chant a mantra; or loving-kindness, where you send out good vibes to people (including yourself, because you rock!).

Indeed, verywellmind recommends that you stop thinking about a decision sometimes, and let the ideas percolate through your brain, mind, and soul. Weighing the pros and cons for too long may increase your stress level to the point that you struggle to make a decision.

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Man Using Meditation to Make Life Decisions

Be the Captain of Your Ship – Using Meditation to Make Life Decisions (This bit is important!)

You might be skeptical about the power of meditation, but research shows it can actually changes your brain. The areas responsible for decision-making get a major boost.

Now, how does sitting quietly help you decide if you should quit your job or eat that third piece of pizza? Here’s the breakdown to using meditation to make life decisions.

  • Clarity of thought: Meditation declutters your mind. It’s like having a Marie Kondo tidying up your brain.
  • Emotional regulation: No more being a puppet to your emotions. Be the puppeteer! Meditation helps you handle emotions like a pro, so they don’t muddy your decision-making waters.
  • Increased self-awareness: Know thyself! Meditation helps you get on first-name terms with your values and what you really want in life. Decisions become easier when you know what you truly want.
  • Stress reduction: A stressed brain can’t make good decisions. It’s science. Meditation reduces stress, and a chilled brain is a decision-making machine.

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Practical Steps for Using Meditation to Make Life Decisions

“But how do I start?” I hear you ask. Here’s your action plan:

  • Starting Small: Even 5 minutes of meditation can make a difference. Baby steps!
  • Creating a Calm Environment: Find a quiet space. Light a candle or play some whale sounds. Make it your Zen zone to allow your ego and anxious mind to just stop, and open the gates to your true self.
  • Focusing Techniques: Focus on your breath. Inhale. Exhale. If you find yourself thinking or worrying, just notice it, and return to the breath. Or find a mantra. “I am a decision-making master” has a nice ring to it!
  • Reflect on Decisions Post-Meditation: After meditating, while your brain is still in Zen mode, think about the decisions you need to make. Let the clarity guide you. What came to you?

Using meditation to make life decisions can involve experiences where the truth just comes to you. You feel it in your deepest self, and just know what needs to be done.

I find that this time and space is where the difficult truths come to me, and I get to hear some hard realities that need my attention.

As Jordan Peterson says ‘the answers to your problems are in the places you don’t want to look’.

Your Decision-Making Superpower Awaits!

So, fellow decision-making adventurers, are you ready to harness the incredible power of meditation? From choosing breakfast cereals to navigating life’s big storms, meditation is your trusty lifeboat. You’ll gain clarity, regulate emotions, get to know yourself, and sail through decisions with grace.

Remember, meditation isn’t a magic wand, but it’s a pretty awesome tool.

It’s like having a wise old sage in your head, minus the beard and the riddles. And who knows? You might just become the go-to person for advice among your friends.

Start your meditation journey today and steer your ship with confidence. Your treasure trove of great decisions awaits.

Stay zen.


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