Cannabis can heal trauma

Medical benefits of cannabis are being recognised across the world, but the psychological or spiritual benefits are not as well discussed. Many claim that cannabis can heal trauma.

The COVID era highlighted the mental health crisis being experienced in many countries. The last decade has also seen a growing recognition of cannabis is role in treating psychological conditions, and it is recognized that cannabis can heal trauma.

Man with head in hands with trauma. Cannabis can heal trauma.

The trend of using cannabis to help with psychological issues and trauma

Even in the UK it is legal to be treated with cannabis for conditions such as anxiety and depression.

But there is more to it’s potential. Rather than treating conditions in a reactive manner, there is a more intentional method emerging.

I myself have paired the use of cannabis flower with cognitive behavioral therapy as part of my ongoing management of anxiety. This intentional method of psychological and spiritual growth is new to me and contradicts how I have used the plant in the past.

Indeed, more and more studies show emerging evidence for cannabis in treating psychological conditions like social anxiety or PTSD. Perhaps cannabis can heal trauma.

Woman doing yoga, healing trauma

Using cannabis intentionally

Writer such as Stephen Gray and Daniel McQueen are part of a movement to investigate, showcase, and to advocate for the spiritual use of cannabis in growing, understanding personal truths, and healing long held trauma.

They say its important to be responsible and moderate use of cannabis. A high tolerance might limit its deep spiritual effects and dull the psychedelic or transformative process.

How you set up the experiences and conduct intentional exercises is also key to help healing and growth.

Man smoking cannabis to heal trauma

How to use cannabis spiritually and to heal trauma

These writers recommend engaging in meditation. Practice breathing and being mindful, and getting used to the practice.

These experiences allow the mind to be cleared, and the body to relax.

When cannabis is then introduced, the creative and truthful subconscious brings out various thoughts and experiences.

I find that my brain tends to sometimes just spit out random images and sounds. Other times, I manage to realise solutions to long held problems, or gain insight into what needs changing in life.

In his book Psychedelic Cannabis, Daniel McQueen puts forward a range of methods, like body scanning to help relax and have a closer connecting experience with the body.

Body scanning is simple. You just relax with some basic breathing exercises, and then focus your thoughts on specific parts of your body. With eyes closed, you can think about what parts of your body feel like, and relax tension that you may not have noticed.

Combining meditation and cannabis to heal and grow

McQueen asserts that we have forgotten how to properly use cannabis, especially since prohibition came about in the twentieth century.

It’s not a magic bullet however. Just being able to relax, meditate, and use your breathing takes practice.

Healing of deep psychological trauma should also not be underestimated, and you should think about what professional medical or psychological support you may need.

Budding cannabis plant

However, the range of cannabis strains available means that we can stimulate many different mental states, by combining the herb with other mindful and transcendent practices.

Once you have become used to breathing and putting yourself into deep relaxation, the regular and continued use of cannabis in these states can help to bring out deep issues that you have not consciously engaged in.

We are on the edge of a new age of spiritual enlightenment and healing. Cannabis has a major role to play.


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