How to celebrate autumn: Embracing Mabon and your higher self

Let’s discover how to celebrate autumn in a deeply personal and meaningful way.

The best way is to delve into the heart of the season. Unlock the secrets of Mabon, engaging in spiritual practices, drawing on all your senses like aromas, and sensing the change in energy that Autumn brings.

Celebrating autumn, woods and brown leaves

How to celebrate autumn

Autumn is not merely a change of weather; it’s a profound transformation of the world around us.

To learn how to celebrate autumn authentically, begin by immersing yourself in its magic. This is where you can express gratitude for the harvest season and the abundance it brings. Remember, the sincerity of your intentions is the key.

Take a leisurely stroll through the woods, a local park, or simply your backyard. Embrace the crisp air and absorb the vibrant colors of falling leaves ignite your spirit.

Mabon: A journey into balance and survival

Mabon, the Autumn Equinox, stands as the focal point of autumn’s celebration. It is traditionally known as a Pagan festival on the Wheel of the Year, celebrating the bounty of fruits and harvest provided by Mother Earth.

It’s a time when day and night balance perfectly, mirroring the equilibrium we seek in our own lives. The sun is halfway between the Summer and Winter Solstices.

How to celebrate Autumn: Enjoy nature's wonder like a Daffodil blowing seeds

Harvest and autumn

Our understanding of autumn has evolved significantly over the years. As Eleanor Parker notes in her book ‘Winters in the World‘, we generally think of leaves falling to the ground, and the coming onset of winter.

In the earlier Medieval period, the first month of Autumn was considered August, which is now seen as prime summer time in the United Kingdom and Europe. This is because the Summer Solstice was seen as ‘Midsummer’, and August was the first harvest of crops for food.

Remembering the harvest of crops is good way to celebrate autumn

Harvest was life in these times. The harvest required huge collective physical effort to bring in the food for the coming winter. It was literally life or death, and so people were naturally inclined to worship and celebrate Mother Earth’s gifts.

It’s difficult for us in the West to imagine quite how important it was, given our abundance of food. Large companies and governments do all the work in food production, and so we have been removed from the conversation we have as a species with the earth.

There was a deeply spiritual aspect to it. Success of a harvest was not only dependent on the labour of society, but also many uncontrollable factors like the weather or pests. People felt compelled to pray for help, to be grateful when it arrived, and celebrate success with festivals and joy.

Spiritual practices in autumn’s wisdom

Autumn’s transformative energy invites us to embark on a journey of personal growth and spiritual connection.

Everyday life offers countless opportunities for practical spirituality. As you navigate your daily routines, infuse them with the essence of autumn. Recognize the equinox as a bridge between the spiritual and the mundane, guiding your journey.

Buy less food, but go for quality. Smell the produce, and think about how it has made its way to your plate. Recognise the role of the earth and sun in your survival.

Meditate in the quiet moments, absorbing the wisdom of the season. Allow your journal to be your companion, a sacred space for self-discovery and reflection.

A journey within – how to celebrate autumn with cannabis

These points in the calendar give us permission to stop and explore our inner selves.

Autumn’s energies gently guide us towards self-reflection and deeper connection with our higher selves. This is not a rigid endeavor but a gentle exploration of your inner landscape.

In your quest to discover how to celebrate autumn, uncover the divine presence within you and find ways to strengthen that connection during this transformative season.

We can explore the role of cannabis as a gateway to inner exploration.

Cannabis buds are great for autumn spiritual practice

If you engage with this plant medicine consciously, recognizing its potential to enhance your spiritual experience, it can bring a sense of connection to the changing seasons.

Share personal stories and experiences that illuminate how cannabis can deepen your connection with the mysteries of the season.

Nature’s symphony of autumn

Step outside and let nature be your guide. Whether you embark on a spontaneous hike or take a contemplative walk through a local forest, let the natural world amplify your autumn experience.

Breathe in the changes you sense.

Autumn trees and leaves

What if I want to honour autumn in low key way without formal ceremonies?

Gratitude is a ritual in itself, and autumn provides the perfect backdrop to express it. If you don’t like formal ceremonies, then let gratitude flow naturally as you appreciate life’s blessings in everyday moments.

Mushrooms growing in autumn

Also, just engaging with your many senses can be a great way to connect to the earth’s natural rhythms. Burning scented candles that smell of cinnamon, ginger, or vanilla is a great way to get into the autumn groove.

Or just brew some lovely strong coffee, light some candles, and sit in a comfy part of your home as you look at the trees and outside wonders.

The transformation of autumn

Embrace Mabon, practice mindfulness, and let the wisdom of cannabis be your companion on a journey towards your higher self.

As the leaves fall, may you rise, fully embracing the transformative energy of autumn. Remember how we used to observe and recognise how the Earth and Sun gave us life. Connect to the wisdom and energy of your ancestors.

Stay zen, folks.


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