Cherry blossom at springtime

The spiritual significance of spring

The spiritual significance of spring is profound, echoing through various cultures and beliefs as a time of rejuvenation and enlightenment. As the Earth tilts towards the sun, marking arrival of the vernal equinox, we embrace this new season.

Moon and clouds at night

March 20th is the point in the year when there is as much daylight as darkness in a day, representing balance and promise of warmth and light. 

Every year I’m surprised by how hard winter can be for people. The darkness and cold are obviously more depressing at times, but there seems to be a deep energy that forces us to look down and forget some of the things we have to look forward to. Winter can still be a time of illness and even death for many of our loved ones. 

So springtime gives a vibrant rebirth, teeming with new possibilities and the rekindling of hope for better times. 

Today we’ll explore the spiritual significance of spring. We invite you to journey through its history, personal importance, and the many ways to connect with this revitalizing season. Springtime is not just a change in weather; it’s a sacred invitation to open our hearts to the wonders of growth, transformation, and the infinite potential that lies within and around us.

Why is it spring today?

earth's tilt toward the sun

The Earth moves around the Sun. It takes one year for it to make one full journey.

The Earth is also tilted to one side. As it moves around the Sun, different parts of the globe get different amounts of sun each day. This is why we get seasons.

On the Equinox, the Earth’s axis is neither tilted towards nor away from the Sun, which means that the length of the day and night are approximately equal. ‘Equinox’ actually comes from a Latin word meaning ‘equal’.

That’s the science, but there is a spiritual significance to spring.

The spiritual tapestry of spring

Springtime, with its inherent sense of rebirth and renewal, holds a cherished spot in the spiritual calendar of many cultures. This period symbolizes the triumph of light over darkness, warmth over cold, and life over death. 

Rebirth in various traditions


For many Pagans, the vernal equinox celebrates Ostara, a festival of balance and renewal. It’s a time to honor the burgeoning light and the burgeoning life, manifesting in the blooming flowers and returning wildlife, mirroring the inner growth and renewal we seek.

Joanna Van er Hoeven, co founder of the Druid College in the UK, advises that spring is a time to set our intentions and plant the seeds for the rest of the year. She says that we have all sorts of seeds within us like anger or hope, and so we have to cultivate and nurture those positive seeds that we want to grow into our traits and behaviours.

Easter – why is Easter different every year?

The cave at Easter

In Christian traditions, Easter embodies the resurrection of Jesus Christ, marking a pivotal moment of renewal and hope. The themes of rebirth and redemption are central, resonating with the essence of spring as a time for new beginnings and spiritual awakening.

As Eleanor Parker writes ‘In the first centuries of the church, the date of Easter was a controversial issue,, because of the problems arising from difficulties of reconciling the lunar cycle which governs the date of Passover with the solar cycle of the Julian Calendar’.

This has resulted in Easter now being held on the first Sunday after the full moon that occurs on or after the Spring Equinox.


In Hindu culture, Holi, the festival of colors, ushers in spring with vibrant celebrations. It symbolizes the victory of good over evil, encouraging forgiveness, and the strengthening of bonds, reflecting the regenerative spirit of the season.


However it’s celebrated, many see Spring as nature’s expression of the great life forces that exist within the universe, and potentially have large impacts on how we feel and behave. Spring is a time to re-open yourself, engage in healing, and continue to grow your higher self.

What does spring mean to life? Nature’s awakening

The revival of the natural world in spring is not just a visual spectacle but a deep spiritual experience. Witnessing the first green shoots and the blossoming flowers can be a profound reminder of our own resilience and capacity for renewal.

  • Flowers, plants, and gardens: Each bud and bloom, each returning bird and emerging animal is a testament to nature’s resilience and adaptability. In our lives, too, we can embrace resilience, allowing ourselves to blossom in the face of challenges.
  • Sunlight and warmth: The increasing daylight and warmth not only nurture the earth but also our well-being. Sunlight has been shown to improve mood and energy, reminding us of the importance of light, both literal and metaphorical, in our lives.
  • Move your body in the warmth:. As the days become lighter and more pleasant, it’s a time when we are more likely to move and embrace physical activity and exercise

Practical spirituality at springtime

The burst of energy and new life in spring is wonderful, but it can feel like a lot for our reemerging souls to absorb . It’s important for us to properly wield the energy and stay centred. 

In previous years, I’ve found myself thrusting out of winter hibernation into an intense period of work, exercise, events, and socialising with great excitement. An inevitable period of burnout and unhappiness has then arrived. 

So how can we come out of the winter into spring and keep ourselves intact, ready to grow and flourish? 

Change the energy in your space

After you’ve likely been inside with the doors and windows closed for winter, the energy in your house gets pent up and stale. It’s one of the reasons why a ‘spring clean’ was so traditionally done at this time of year. 

  • The use of smudge sticks is a common earth-centred way to rejuvenate the space in your home. Grabbing some fresh herbs like sage, rosemary, and mint before drying them and burning safely is a lovely way to add new feel to your home. 
  • Clean out the clutter. Remove some of those unwanted items that get in your way and block the free movement of good vibes.
  • Use oils and plants to purify the airMany plants, like aloe vera, are known to help with cleaning the air.
  • Placing crystals around the home. Many believe that using crystals boosts their unique energies, aiding spiritual alignment and enhancing peace and well-being. This can also improve focus, mood, and mental clarity, valuable in today’s busy world.

Writing and planning for the spiritual significance of spring

Journal to write about the spiritual significance of spring

It’s been some time since you may have last revisited your intentions, perhaps using the New Year to set resolutions. So, find a quiet space and consider the spiritual significance of spring: 

  • What is my 5, 10, or 20 year plan? Where am I on that plan, and what do I really want out of my daily life? 
  • What could I do over the next few months to steer me in that direction?
  • How could I spend time between now and the summer solstice to look after and nurture my soul? 
  • How can I preserve the gratitude I feel now and carry it into the ensuing seasons? 

What is a good way to celebrate spring time and the equinox? Embrace the spiritual significance of spring

Spring invites us to open ourselves to growth and transformation. As the earth rejuvenates, so can our spirits. As we shed the cold blankets of winter, we step into the embrace of warmer, longer days.

Unlike New Year’s Day in January, this period of looking forward is generally much happier and inviting because it’s warmer and sunnier.Here are a few ways to align with the renewing energy of spring:

  • Nature Walks: Immerse yourself in the awakening landscape. Observe the new buds, listen to the returning birds, and feel the warmer breeze. This simple act can help ground you in the present moment and foster a deep connection with the cycle of life. The famous blooming of cherry blossom in Washington DC in the United States, and in Japan, also occur, inviting us all to just venture outside more and feel the healing power of the wind, sun, and fresh air.
  • Meditation and Reflection: Use the balanced energy of the equinox as a foundation for meditation. Reflect on areas of your life that need renewal or change, and set intentions for the coming season.
  • Gardening: If you’re already keen on nurturing plants and flowers in your garden, now is a great time to finish off preparing the soil and getting new plants. As a beginner, perhaps just start buying some fresh herb pots and learning how to keep them alive longer than a week. It’s a great start to feeling connected to the earth and life. 
  • Journaling: Spring is an ideal time to start or renew a journaling practice. Write about your observations of the changing season, your feelings, and the growth you wish to see in yourself.
  • Review life progress. Did you make resolutions at New Year? Now is a time to think about your progress, or pivot to making new plans for the next quarter of your life’s year. 

Celebrating community and connection

Spring is a wonderful time to foster community and celebrate together. Whether through traditional festivals or personal gatherings, these celebrations can deepen our connection to the spiritual essence of spring.

  • Spring Feasts: Organize a meal or special barbeque with friends or family featuring fresh, seasonal produce. It’s a way to honor the bounty of spring and share the joy of renewal with loved ones. 
  • Community Gardens: Participating in or starting a community garden can be a beautiful way to celebrate spring. It’s an act of nurturing life and growth, fostering a sense of community and connectedness to the earth.

Embrace the spiritual significance of spring: A call to awakening

As we witness the world around us awaken from its winter slumber, let us also awaken to our own potential for renewal and growth. Spring is not just a season; it’s a spiritual journey, inviting us to shed the old and embrace the new, to grow and flourish in harmony with the natural world.

Get outside and enjoy the spiritual significance of spring

Let this spring be a time of rejuvenation, connection, and celebration of life’s eternal cycle of renewal. Indeed, there are many ways to celebrate the arrival of spring, depending on your cultural or personal traditions.

It’s a time that the Cultivated Zen team tend to go out more on longer trail runs, taking a fat joint and enjoying some picturesque views whilst high.

Whatever your activity or ceremony of choice, just taking the time to appreciate the beauty and energy of spring can be a powerful way to connect with the natural world. Embrace the spirit of renewal and growth that the season represents!

Embrace the spiritual significance of springtime, and let it guide you toward personal growth and enlightenment.

Springtime. What a time to be alive.


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