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Exercising while high could be good for you!

Whilst there are potential risks, studies are suggesting that training or exercising high could improve your performance.

What is it like to exercise high?

You might also have thought that running or going to the gym when high would be a heart-racing, anxiety filled…. nightmare?!

But so many successfully use cannabis before, during, and after exercise.

Your specific medical position should always be considered, and its really important that you speak with your medical professional before embarking on a new round of exercise.

Some pursuits that have recently become more and more popular with cannabis users such as yoga and running.

Of course, the type of exercise and sport done whilst high is very much down to personal choice and taste in activities.

Running – Road or Trail

Running and ultra/trail running has seen a rise in stoned runners.

Gliding along forest paths, or trekking along a mountain ridge whilst taking in awesome sights and sounds of nature, are natural partners in crime with cannabis.

Drawing upon the herb’s magic can give runners a greater sense of wonder during nature visits.


Stretching and breathing are wonderful meditative states. They allow us to slow down, calm our busy or anxious brains, and also works wonders if you find yourself too high after consuming herb.

I find guided practices that enable you to consciously notice the parts of your body that are feeling extra or different energies, really helpful in riding out a high that has become too strong or perhaps gives us racing thoughts.

Just being given something to think about and concentrate occupies the conscious mind, and is likely to reduce feelings of paranoia that can arise.

After completing yoga, we tend to feel super free, limp, light, and younger. When you add the child’s perspective that cannabis sometimes brings, it’s a ticket to being totally chill.

Benefits to exercising while high

A recent study showed that participants experience a range of positive benefits to exercising while high. These include:


Exercising with cannabis is not just for the experienced athletes. One of the benefits to using cann in working out, is that it can help you to block out the tiredness and really concentrate on one thing. A recent study reported participants stating that using cannabis before exercise allowed them to ‘stay in the zone’ and to focus more on their body and what they were doing (2022, Ogle, Gold, Coppen, Copriviza)

Increase in performance.

In this study, most participants who used cannabis during exercise, reported an increase in their abilities


The magic of cannabis tends to allow users to access more joy in what they do, and see the little things in life which can be missed when rushing around in daily life. If exercise is more fun, you’re more likely to do it.


Rather than just sitting on the couch and eating, surely getting out for a run or engaging in some gentle sports with friends is more beneficial to physical and mental health. Another recent study also showed that CBD treatment helped to reduce muscle inflammation after exercise (2022, Schouten, Dalle, and Koppo).

Risks of using Cannabis and Exercise

We are not medical professionals. We can’t give advice on what exercise you should or shouldn’t do.

I personally have found certain strains tend to cause the dreaded ‘cotton mouth’. An attack of this whilst half way through running up a big ass hill, with not enough water, is pretty grim. Make sure you stay hydrated folks!

Studies have also reported some unwanted effects, such as additional increase in heart rate when using cannabis with exercise.

Of course exercising could also increase risks of heart problems, so we advise that you do your own research.


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